Professional Engineers –

Choose two of the following four case studies and answer questions by using Code of Ethics for
Professional Engineers as your guideline in addition to your readings and understanding of
Use Times New Roman
12 pt.
Single Line Spacing
1 page or 350 words minimum
2 pages or 700 words maximum
Show good faith effort
Cite the references you used to support your ideas. and claims. (IEEE style of citation)
Save it as PDF and upload it to 88 for HW2.
Check the rubric to see how this assignment will be graded. Meet all the requirements above to
get a full credit. Failure to meet any of the above criteria will get “zero credit”.
Case Study 3: After earning a graduate degree in Engineering Management. Ashton began
working for PDRC International. This is a company based in the US. which offers engineering.
design. and construction services to countries all over the world.
Ashton’s work is focused on international development: her first assignment is to lead a team to
develop a bid for a highway construction project in East Africa. After the engineering proposal is
submitted. Ashton is proud of the work her team has accomplished and promises her manager
she will do everything possible to make sure that PDRC receives the contract.
PDRC’s bid is well-received. and Ashton and her team are flown to East Africa to finish
negotiations. Ashton is thrilled when her company receives the bid: the only stipulation is that
they build their construction headquarters in a specific region in the country. Ashton then begins
scouting the region for a location to build their headquarters.
In order to obtain building permits in the region. Ashton has to negotiate with the local
government. As she begins negotiations. she realizes that bribery is both a common and expected
practice. If she does not bribe the local officials. she will not be able to build PDRC’s
headquarters in that region and consequently will lose the contract: her first managerial project
will be a failure. However. it is illegal for a US. citizen to bribe a foreign official in order to
obtain business: if she is caught for bribery. she could face jail time and her company could be
fined millions Of dollars.
0: What should she do’? Explain your answer.
Credit: Clare Bartlett was a 2014-2015 Hackworth Fellow in Engineering Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara
Case Study 4: Jack has been working as a project engineer for a mechanical energy technology Online _ Contact 5L,

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