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For this last part of the project, we will depart from the normal HTML and CSS work and play with some Javascript (mostly jQuery). Be certain to read this post before continuing on to complete this assignment. This article gives an extremely brief overview of the basic concepts; enough to complete work for this project. You are not expected to be a Javascript/jQuery expert after reading it so please do not be overly concerned. Have some fun with it!

To complete this part, you are to write a small amount (at least 1 line) of Javascript (embedded within your home page is preferred) which modifies some part of your website’s appearance, or uses other JS such as alerts and functions. You do not need to use JQuery unless you need its functionality. This can be either:

  • the color of some text
  • the background of the page
  • the margin/padding around certain elements
  • and any other CSS change

Of course, if you feel more comfortable with it, you may do whatever you like! Follow the directions below to get started!

Getting Started

Complete the following before you upload your changes:

1.) Copy the code below and paste it some where in the <body> region of your home page or the page you want to add Javascript to. You will write your Javascript code where it says ” Javascript code here…”. You may delete that line

<script type="text/javascript>_x000D_
Javascript goes here..._x000D_

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