Project description for the final project –

Project description for the final project
In this paper I need a Project proposal, I have submit one in the past that I have did it my self and I got zero/5. I will show you the one that I have did in the past and got zero on it.
The project proposal should address the following:
1- The user input.
2- Program/spreadsheet calculates.
3- The final project will include a ……. plot of ……. vs. …….. .
This sheet must include the idea with (good explanation) that make the reader know every thing about the project. Also it must include the (formula) that I will use to do the calculation in the future. The formula must be (100% true) and I need (all the units) for every thing in the formula that I will use. The project must be physical or chemical project that I can do calculations by using the formula.
In the attachment I will put the work that I did it in the past and got 0 on it. And I will put some Ideas that I have so you can choose one of them. After you finished all of this, I need some explanation for the propose provides instruction for user input and explains the calculations performed. The grading is based on : providing accurate technical explanation, appropriate plot, and calculations accurately with using the units and formula. Show me the sources that you used and it must be 100% recognized formula.

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