project of minority linguistic community in southern california text 3 4 pages

  • The report should be:
  • (I have done partial work, for section 3&4 missing, also need help of modify and adding on part 1&2)
    • 4-5 pages of text + 1 page of citations + 2 pages of information sheet + 2 pages of transcripts. Total: 9-10 pages.
    • Size 12 Times New Roman fonts
    • 1.5 spaced
    • 1-inch margin on all sides.
  • § The project is due on Dec 6th 2019 by the end of the day (11:59 pm). Submission will be via Turnitin (online), and submission details will be provided closer to the deadline.
  • § The report must be submitted as a .pdf file
  • § A 5% per day deduction will apply to late submission of the project, up until 3 days after the due date. Projects will NOT be accepted later than 3 days after the due date, i.e. Dec 9th.
  • The report will be divided in 4 sections:
  • Section I: Survey and statistics of linguistic diversity in the USA (10 points) In this section you will report surveys and statistics that provide quantitative information regarding languages and language use in the USA. You will report on the number of bi/multilingual and monolingual population in the USA (see class slides titled “Languages in the USA” which refers to US Census 2010 and a report published by CIS in 2018). Do not copy and paste the class slides or take screenshots of the class slides, if you refer to the information discussed in class (5 points will be deducted)
  • Section II: Survey and statistics of the target language (15 points) In this section you will report surveys and statistics that provide quantitative information about the linguistic community of your choice. First you will provide information about the area(s) where the community is concentrated in Southern California. Next, you will report the number of speakers there are for the linguistic community in the USA as well as in Southern California. You should look for recent US and California census reports. Include graphs and figures in your report.
  • Section III: History of immigration of the target linguistic community (10 points) In brief this section you will report the history of the linguistic community. Specifically, you will try to report (but not limited to): When did the community begin to immigrate to the USA? Was there any mass immigration that took place? Were there any specific factors due to which the community immigrated to the USA? Feel free to include any interesting information about the linguistic community that you may uncover in your research.



Section IV: Language use and Language Maintenance (50 points) In this section you will report the extent of the use of the selected language in within the linguistic community and in Southern California. The points you will cover include (but not limited to) are:


  • – To what extent the speakers of the language continue using it within the community.
  • – To what extent the younger generation speakers of the language are using the languageand trying to maintain it.
  • – Is the language taught at the public schools in Southern California? Are there after-schoollanguage programs for young people to learn the language, and is the communityinterested in sending their children to learn and maintain the heritage language?
  • – Are there any employment opportunities available in the target heritage language withinsouthern California that may motivate the speakers to use their heritage language?
  • – Is the language being used in the modern day pop culture of Southern California or theUSA by the younger generations? If yes, provide some examples.
  • – Are there restaurants in the community and/or outside the community with menus in theheritage language? Are there newspapers, magazines, radio/ tv channels, or otherresources available in the selected language? Please include pictures if you can.
  • – Are there public/government documents available or translated in the selected language?For example, check DMV instructions; can a native speaker of the selected language takea driving test in the heritage language?
  • – To what extent the speakers of the language code-switch. If they do, provide some code-switching examples in that language. Are there positive or negative attitudes towards code switching in the community? Further, explore the reasons behind the positive or negative attitudes towards code-switching.
  • – How much do the speakers of the target immigrant community associate their heritage language with their social and individual identity?
  • – What attitudes do the younger, as well as, the older generations have towards their language and linguistic community? Is the attitude positive or negative? If negative, try to explore the factors behind the negative attitude.
  • – Has the linguistic community or individual speakers ever experienced any negative or positive bias from other communities for using their heritage language?
  • – Do the speakers of the community think that the use of the heritage language is declining? If yes, what are the primary reasons for the decline in the language use? If no, what factors are playing a key role in the maintenance of the language?
  • – Are the speakers of the heritage language interested in preserving the language? If yes, what steps are taken by individuals or communities to preserve the language?

Section V: Transcripts of interviews (10 points) Finally, you will include minimum 2 pages of your interview transcripts based on the questionnaire you created for the interview. You do not have to provide transcriptions for the entire interview if your interview is lengthy –only provide the segments crucial to the discussion in your paper.

Information sheet (2 points) Every project report should contain a filled-in information sheet at the beginning of the project. The information sheet is uploaded on canvas along with the project details.

Citations (3 points) For every resource you use you will need to provide citations. You can use either the MLA or the APA format, as long as you are consistent. For information that you gather from native speakers of the linguistic community, you will cite it as ‘Personal communication’ in parenthesis.

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