Project Paper the company of Bose Corporation

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Tipic: the company of Bose Corporation

I will be responsible for Business-level Strategy and Recommendations(Part 4,5,6)

Finist the PPT and the Project Paper follow the Policies

Your written reportmust include (but is not limited to) the following components:

1. Executive Summary(5%)This section should include an overview of the entire reportand highlight the important findings.This section usually should not exceed one page.

2. External Analysis(Industry Analysis)(20%)You mayuse analyticaltools such as Porter’s FiveForces(required), industry life cycle, and strategic group analysis. Exemplar questions may include:•Who are the competitors and what are their market shares?•What products or services are produced inthis industry?•How have demographic, social, or technologicaltrendsinfluenced this industry?•What key opportunities exist for this industry? Which company (or companies) is most likely to take advantage of theseopportunities? Why?•What key threats (in terms of new entrants, product life cycle, product obsolescence, substitute products, etc.) exist for this industry?

3. Internal Analysis, including the assessment of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses (20%)You may discuss in greater details here about the firm’s history, products, markets, culture, vision, and so on. Some specific questions may include: •Which functional areas within the firm are particularly strong and which are particularly weak? Why?•Areany of the firm’s resources/capabilitiessources of competitive advantage? Are those advantages sustainable? What are the firm’s distinctive/core competences? •What do the firm’s financial statements say about its health?Comparison to competitors?•What has the firm’s non-financial performance (corporate governance, employment stability/growth, innovation, customer relations, etc.) been like over the past three to five years?

4. Analysis of business-level strategy used by the firm (20%)•Whatis the firm’s primary industry? What is the generic strategy used by the firm in this industry?•What customer needs do the firm’s products/services satisfy? What market segment does the firm serve? How does the firm use its distinctive competencies to serve the customer needs?•How is (or is not) the business-levelstrategy supported by its functional strategies?Is the chosen generic strategy appropriate given the firm’s external and internal environments? Why or why not?•Does the firm use other business-level strategies to competee.g. chaining, franchising, product proliferation, product development etc.? How effective are these strategies?

5. Analysis of the corporate-level strategy of the firm (20%)•Identify the businesses the firmis in (or is considering entering), how they are related (or unrelated), and whether and how they create additional value in their combination. Be specific and detailed. If it is unclear that value is created, try to assess why the firm might have chosen to enter those businesses.•Has the firm used any horizontal or vertical integration strategies in the past? What are the rationales and effects of these strategies? Has the firm formed any strategic alliances or used strategic outsourcing? Analyze the rationales and effects.•Analyzethe global strategy used by the firm (if it is a multinational company) and the rationale of using that global strategy. What entry modes did the firm use to enter those countries? Were the methods of entry used (or proposed) the best choice given the firm’s objectives, environment, strengths, weaknesses, and strategy? Be sure to include any appropriate financial analysis to support your assessment.

6. Recommendations (10%)Recommendations should respond to the key issues identified earlier, and must be specificand actionable. They should be consistent with the analysis. You should evaluate the impact of each recommendation on the firm’s environment, strengths, weaknesses, and strategy. Also highlight why they are feasible to the firm. Do not forget to consider the firm’s financial standing when making recommendations.

7. Abibliography of your sources. Any external information used must be properly referenced. Failure to properly reference any external source constitutes plagiarism. Use the APA format for the bibliography. Your final papershould be in an agreeable and professional format.Be sure to useheadings for each section in the paper. It also needs to follow correct form, spelling, and grammar. (5%)

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