project part one for franchising and licensing class

Hello, my class name is Franchising and Licensing, it is a hospitality class.

I just have a project part one that need you to help me.

This is the request of project part one:

Buying a Franchise

For the evaluation of the franchise of your choosing you need to do your own due diligence. The information to use in your evaluation will come from two sources. First is the franchise disclosure document (FDD/FA) provided by the Franchisor. A comprehensive review and analysis of each Item in the FDD is required. Second is information from multiple sources outside of the company to ensure a balanced, thorough evaluation.

  1. How does the company demonstrate cooperative strategies
  2. How do the company’s management systems support the success of the franchisee
  3. How does the company’s recent history of operational and legal issues support the success of the franchisee
  4. How do the company’s sales and marketing strategies support successful operations for a franchisee
  5. How do the company’s financial strategies support successful operations for a franchisee

You should expect about half a page, minimum per item with at least one source cited in addition to the FDD. Please be mindful of APA formating, including cover page, and proper headings.

The important thing is that I already decided the franchise company. It is the LongHorn steakhouse. And I also find the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) for LongHorn steakhouse. I posted the PDF that is the FDD I found. You can find the new FDD for LongHorn steakhouse if you think that my FDD is not good. Please according to the LongHorn FDD to finish this 5 questions. Each question need half page. So, this project part one need 3-4 pages and APA format.

Please give it to me on time, And do it carefully. Thank you~

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