Assessment item 2

Project Proposal and Plan

Value: 10%

Due date: 06-Dec-2016

Return date: 29-Dec-2016

Length: 1000-2000 words (5-6 pages)

Project Title: Virtual reality (VR) in the field of rehabilitation

Preliminary material

Title of Report

A concise topic, indicating what the report is about on the cover page. The title should reflect the research completed and should be 10 words minimum.

Abstract/Executive Summary

Brief background of the problem, research objective, summary of research methodology, summary of the major results/findings and practical/theoretical implications.

  • A concise summary of the main findings (4 parts)
    • Aims (Why)
    • Methods (How)
    • Findings (What)
    • Implications/recommendations (so What; the value of the work you are going to propose)
  • (Mainly use present tenses but past tense in the method. It can be written later although presented first with no references).
  • Descriptions of the methodology should include the design
  • The sample, and the instruments used.

Body of report


Brief overview/introduction of the project, statement of the problems/issues, research objectives and paper layout in one section with few paragraphs. It also introduce the research via the research question (s) and hypotheses.

The introduction contains the several subsections; they are listed below:

1. Background

It contains a summary of the most relevant literature and provides the historical (e.g. how the problem has evolved over time), social (e.g. contexts), and theoretical (e.g. important variables, the theoretical concepts, and the principles underpinning the research) contexts for the research problem. You should be sure to link and relate the background of the study to the proposed research. Questions that may be asked or addressed in this section may include but are not limited to:

  • What is the problem and why is it an interest?
  • Who else is affected by the problem?
  • What research has been done to investigate or address the problem?
  • How will the proposed research extend or refine the existing knowledge in the area under study?
  • Who will benefit or use the proposed research?
  • The majority of literature contained in this section should be no more than 5 years old.

2. Problem Statement

“A problem might be defined as the issue that exists in the literature, theory, or practice that leads to a need for the study” . It usually identifies the population and variables of the research. It should be is stated clearly and unambiguously in one to two paragraphs and followed by a statement of purpose.

3. Purpose Statement

It should follow the problem statement and clearly state the focus and intentions of the proposed research. It should begin with the following statement: “The purpose of this study is . . .” It foreshadows the research question(s) and hypothesis (es).

4. Significance of the Study

It may be included in the purpose statement or be contained in its own section. The significance of the study section contains a description of the contributions that the study makes to the knowledge base or discipline and a narrative about the importance of the study to a specific area and/or population (e.g. education, technology, on-going researchers, society, government, school system, teachers, parents, etc.)

5. Research Question(s)

They should be derived from the problem and purpose statements. A well formulated research question does the following: (a) asks about the relationship between two or more variables, (b) is stated clearly and in the form of a question, (c) is testable (i.e. possible to collect data to answer the question), (d) does not pose an ethical or moral problem for implementation, (e) is specific and restricted in scope (Your aim is not to solve the world’s problems), and (f) identify exactly what is to be solved. A typical dissertation proposal contains one to three research questions.

6. Research Hypothesis(es) in Null Form

Following each research question, the research hypotheses in null form should be stated. Well formulated a hypothesis are based on the following criteria: (a) the hypothesis stated the expected relationship between variables, (b) the hypothesis is testable, (c) the hypothesis is stated simply and concisely as possible, and (d) the hypothesis is founded in the problem statement and supported by research.

7. Identification of Variables

The manuscript needs to include the identification of key variables used in the research. An operational definition includes how the variable was measured or observed and is precise and clear enough so that the study could be replicated.

8. Assumptions and Limitations

Include a list of assumptions and limitations. Present a clear statement of each of your assumptions relative to the sampling frame, the research design and other pertinent aspects of the study. Also, identify limitations.

When identifying limitation, weaknesses of the study, think about the design (e.g., lack of randomization, bias), the analysis, the instruments, and the sample (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity, geographical location). The candidate should identify all threats to internal and external validity and identify how he or she will attempt to control for each threat or why the threat was not controlled for.

3. Methodology

(Depending on the nature of the report- see below)


1 General Design
2 Data Collection
3 Sampling Technique
4 Method of Analysis

3/4. Project Plan model (topic specific)

Should briefly describe the relationship of the components of the research plan framework/model. You need to breakdown the tasks of your work and simulated in framework; e.g.:


2.Risk analysis.

5. Expected Outcome

  • Presents expected findings of the research

6. Ethical Consideration

Supplementary material


All references used in your report or referred to for background information

(Please access i-learn site/ ASDP material for the APA 6th version and other relevant materials for report writing)

Marking criteria

Capstone Project Proposal and Plan Assessment Criteria 10% (100 marks)

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