Project report –

Project report
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Due: 4 pm, 9 October (week 9)
Weighting: 40%
*******************Format: Report******************
Word limit: maximum 3000 words (excluding bibliography)
Hi please follow the assignment instructions as it worth a lot.
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Every student will need to work on a project assignment provided by participating companies’ guest speakers and write a project report.
i have chosen the company ill upload the project question and the lecture material.
The Assignment is:********you will find the info below in page 34 in the attached file*********************
Marketing Strategy for Omron Australia
Points to consider:
?Customer (B2B)
-Social & Industry trend to identify vertical industry opportunities
-Address new & unknown opportunities – e.g. Overseas’ inbound investment
-Major competitor’s strategy
-Omron Australia’s current resources and marketing activities
-Omron global industry strategy especially Food manufacturing and Infrastructure
-Focus on digital and social media marketing
-Measurable return on investment
The aims
*****address the business problems, challenges, and issues prescribed by guest speakers from participating companies
*****develop mini-consulting projects aiming at assisting the partner companies to find a solution
*****creatively apply IB theories and concepts to business issues/challenges
*****provide recommendations/solutions to client companies
The maximum length of the project report is 3000 words (excluding bibliography).
Research and practice
The assessment task requires students to conduct original research, which involves the collection and analysis of information from a range of sources and the recommendation of solutions for clients. Students should also use concepts, frameworks and theories learned from previous units (especially BUS201, BUS202, and BUS301) to address the problems and issues identified by industry speakers.
this is a sample of the reference style:
Adams, MM 1997, Fieldwork in familiar places: language, culture and philosophy, EMS Press,
Adler, NJ 1980, ‘Cultural synergy: the management of cross-cultural organizations’, in WW Burke & LD Goodstein (eds), Trends and issues in OD: current theory and practice, University Associates, San Diego.
Austen, I 2005, ‘A patent dispute threatens to cut executives off’, The New York Times, 3 December, pp. 11-16, viewed 26 December 2005, Expanded Academic ASAP database.
Australian Accounting Standards Board 2006, AASB 119 Employee Benefits, AASB, Canberra, viewed 14 July 2006,


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006, Measuring Australia’s Economy 2003, cat. no. 1360.0, ABS, Canberra, viewed 19 March 2006, AusStats database.

Bennett, N, Dunne E & Carre C 1999, ‘Patterns of core and generic skill provision in higher education’, Higher Education, vol. 37, no. 1, pp. 71-93.

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