In planning the production system, major decisions are made concerning the design of the product or
services as well as the design of the production processes. Entrepreneurs usually formulate new
businesses based on a unique product or a service idea. In existing firms, new products or services are
introduced when the competition for existing products increases or as existing products approach the end
of their product life cycle. Even after a few new products are launched, and even if these products are
successful, since they have limited life cycles, companies always seek and consider new product
possibilities. If a company continuously monitors new product possibilities, and if there is a product failure
among the current products, or if there is a significant change in the product market, then the company
can still be in position to release a new product to fill the void. Term project focuses on the design of the
products and services. The main topics in this process include:
1. The reasons, trends, and objectives of Product and Service Design
2. The Design Process
3. Research and Development
4. Standardization
5. Product Design
6. Service Design
7. Quality Function Deployment
8. Operations Strategy
There aren?t many things more important to an organization than its products and/or services and there is
a rather obvious connection between the design of those products and/or services and the organization?s
success. Consequently, organizations are vitally concerned about achieving outstanding product and
service design so they can compete in today?s global marketplace.
The long-term competitiveness of any manufacturing company depends ultimately on the success of its
product development capabilities. New product development holds hope for improving market position
and financial performance, creating new industry standards and new niche markets, and even renewing
the organization.
The group is requested to outline how various ideas come through in product design and development
processes for any operations whether existed in local or any international company levels. The
challenges and benefits derived in its implementation for any company. Although the team members may
choose to cover multiple operations management concepts (related to product and service development
such as capacity planning, location decisions, forecasting, quality, inventory management, supply chains,
JIT etc. if needed) in their report, they are required to focus on one of the concepts in greater detail. The
report should cover operations management concepts and decisions at strategic, tactical and operational
5 AUM Academic Projects Academic Year: 2015-2016
levels within/without any organization. The chapter four is the key chapter providing all information, but is
not limited, so students will be provided extra material during the semester by course instructor.
The quality of the analysis will be dependent on the effort devoted to information search and the planning
carried out before the information gathering for product idea. Multiple information sources can be
targeted, including web resources (company official website, business news online), corporate
documentation, press releases, etc.
Final report has to be developed based on APA style (See course syllabus for more details).
Deliverable 1 (Week 5):
– Form groups of Three to Five students (its subject to change by instructor depend on class size,
etc.) and submit names to instructor by the week-1.
– Every group is required to determine designing a product (goods or services) that will be studied
for the project. A brief overview about the product idea, components, environmental analysis
(SWOT, position in the market, competitors and background information) should be highlighted.
Limit of text size will be provided in further brief. In addition to it, the report should also include an
overview of the aspect(s) of operations management the group will be investigating for this
– The report at this stage should also include an initial table of contents illustrating the sections and
sub-sections that compose the final report.
– This deliverable should include a responsibility matrix that shows the proposed role of the group
members and their primary responsibilities.
– For the products students chose any topic/idea (with permission from instructor). Their product
idea should be fictional and open for creativity.
– You may look at the Chapter 4 “Product and Service Design” and also provided materials from
course instructors. Project work may include relevant pictures, charts and diagrams to illustrate
your discussion. The final report however, will be more detailed.
– Term project deliverable 1 is a group work, and should be submitted by only one member from
the group.
Deliverable 2 (Week 9):
– A 1500 word report building on the previous submission and indicating overview of the major
processes in the product design that you have chosen to do the project (with agreed upon). The
report should also discuss how they relate to the concepts we have learned in the class and
operations management in general.
– The report should cover operations management concepts and decisions at strategic, tactical and
operational levels within the organization in product design and development.
– Identify the topic within this project which will be analyzed in greater detail and a brief discussion
about it.
– Report should have a title clearly indicating the main theme of the project.
– Term project deliverable 2 is partly individual work; each member should be identified for the
responsible sections in the submitted work, but should be submitted by only one member from
the group. (main responsibility is on the group leader)
Deliverable 3 (Week 14):
– The report outline should follow the outline previously submitted. It should start with the
„introduction? and „product overview? sections, followed by the suggested headings and
subheadings in the outline, and at the end „Conclusion? and „Reference? sections. This final report
builds on the information that was submitted in the previous reports.
– The final report should be about (Minimum) 2000 words, not including Table of contents,
6 AUM Academic Projects Academic Year: 2015-2016
references and appendixes. All supporting data and information that is not directly part of the
report should be included in the appendix.
– The report may include pictures, diagrams and charts to illustrate and support your discussion.
– Should include a „Lessons Learned? section on how operations related improvements can be
made within the product development process based on your understanding of the concepts
learned in this course.
– The report should demonstrate student?s understanding and their creativity capacity in new
product (goods or services) development. It should also be related to the concepts covered in
their report that can be used for further exploring operations management.
– Should have the depth and breadth of analysis similar to the “Operations Tour” in the different
chapters in your textbook.
– Report should be clearly organized in appropriate paragraphs with each section and subsection.
– For all formatting purposes it should follow APA style.
– In addition to your final submission on Turn-it-in, you need to submit a hard copy on the due date.

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