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Topic: Proposal for Uber
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1. Scenario
Congratulations — You have recently decided to start your own IT consultancy company. You are an
entrepreneur! You have chosen Manchester for your business. From BBC to The Co-operative to
Manchester United, Manchester is a special and unique business location. This is where you want to
produce, nurture, and attract the very best.
You are looking for strong partnerships.
On the top of your list is Uber. It is a new business and it is increasingly attracting new customers in
the city and suburbs. You have decided to approach Uber with a partnership proposal. You want to
convince Uber that by using your products and services, they can become more effective, stay
relevant, compete, and gain more customers.
2. Coursework Parts
Report (45 marks)
In this coursework, you will develop a proposal for Uber. You will use insights from the course
material on social media, cloud and services to write a proposal (2500-3000 words; excluding
references and appendix). You will make use of tables and figures to create a professional layout and
be well presented. The work should read like a well-justified proposal report rather than an essay.
The report includes three parts, including:
Coursework Activity Mark
PART 1. Analysis on the Current Use of Technology in Uber
First, you will begin with explaining how Uber is making use of new technological trends. You
will frame your discussion to the three categories of: social media, services, and cloud. You
write your proposal drawing upon what you learnt through the groupwork, listening to other
group presentations, and the course material and discussions
PART 2. Proposal on Existing Gaps and the Future Use of New Technologies
You will use insights from course materials and case studies to suggest why Uber needs to use
new services/ products to change its current use of technology or leverage new technologies in
order to stay competitive and relevant as it is now.
PART 3. Use of Course Materials
Finally, you will explain how you used the course material and insights from case studies to
prepare the coursework. This includes a table relating the contents of the report to the material
explained in the course. You should explain why the material was useful and how the material
was used. For example, it is not sufficient to say that “material on ABC was used to prepare our
argument on DEF”.
This is an Individual Assignment (and not group work). Each student should develop the report
Participation (5 marks)
This assessment is based on ‘group course work peer evaluations’.

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