Provides an opportunity for you to assess a student directly

Multiple Choice Questions
1.)  A software company has a high turnover rate.  What staffing strategy would be most appropriate?
A) hiring people with the potential to be promoted over a period of years
B) hiring people quickly even if their skills are not as high as required
C) slowing down the hiring process to try to find better recruits
D) filling vacancies quickly with people who are able to perform with minimal job training
2.)  An FTE is defined as:
A) a full-time equivalent employee
B) an independent contractor working at least 36 hours per week
C) an applicant that is searching for work on a full time basis
C) a plan for recruiting full-time workers
3.)  Janson Engineering has found it difficult to recruit experienced project managers to lead its many projects.  Which of the following would be a proactive action that may help close current and future gaps?
A) adjusting the mix of employees versus contractors
B) working with local universities and colleges to create courses that focus on project management skills
C) source candidates from similar industries with project management skills
D) all of the above
E) A & B only
4.)  Which of the following is not a step in workforce planning?
A) look at internal and external factors to estimate job demand
B) calculate the replacement need
C) look to the future for redundancies
D) conduct a strategy meeting to analyze selection methods
E) all of the above are steps in workforce planning
5.)  Employment-at-will is an employment relationship which ________.
A) allows either the employee or employer to terminate the employment at any time
B) offers blanket protection to employers for all employee discharges
C) allows an employer to terminate employment only for a just cause
D) offers employees a contract for a definite term of employment
6.)  Which of the following examples would qualify the company to hire the intern as an unpaid employee?
A) a local college engineering student is hired to help with filing and data entry for a small engineering firm.
B) an accounting student is given an opportunity to shadow one of your company’s accounting employee’s prior to starting work with the company in the fall.
C) the local university has an internship requirement for their Computer Science majors.  The internship is for six weeks and the student must report weekly to their advisor to review their progress.
D) your organization is hiring college students whose parents work at the company for the summer.
7.)  Which of the following is the first step in the typical workforce planning process?
A) identifying the firm’s business strategy
B) articulating the firm’s strategic staffing decisions
C) developing and implementing action plans
D) conducting a workforce analysis
8.)  The job analysis technique that uses worker oriented job elements is the ________.
A) task inventory method
B) job elements method
C) position analysis questionnaire
D) structured interview method
9.)  In analyzing a job of a stenographer that is to be advertised as a vacancy, an employer found that the ________ for the job was rapid typing skills.
A) bona fide occupational qualification
B) employee value proposition
C) desirable criteria
D) essential function
10.)  Which of the following would be classified as a skill rather than knowledge, ability or other characteristics?
A) Familiarity with OSHA laws.
B) Operating a forklift.
C) Mentor and coach others.
D) Communicate efficiently in writing and orally.
11.)  DAK Corporation had kept all its hiring plans on hold during the last four quarters because the economy was in a state of recession. DAK manufactures oil filters, air filters, and spark plugs for several major auto manufacturers. The company is analyzing market trends in order to reassess its hiring strategy for the coming year. Which of the following, if true, would best support the argument for restarting hiring?
A) The previous recession had only lasted a year.
B) Though there was a decline in profits compared to the previous year, the company recently reported the best numbers in its industry.
C) Auto manufacturers have aggressively started hiring more staff.
D) One of DAK’s fiercest rivals has started laying off its employees.
12.)  A systematic process of identifying and describing the important aspects of a job and the characteristic a worker needs to perform the job well is a ________.
A) legal audit
B) job analysis
C) bona fide occupational qualification
D) job specification
13.)  Which of the following establishes a prima facie case of discrimination based on disparate treatment?
A) plaintiff applied for a job/promotion; the job was filled by an applicant of another race or gender
B) plaintiff is part of a protected class; he/she applied for a job/promotion etc.; selection ratio for those similarly situated was less than 80 percent
C) plaintiff is part of a protected class; he/she applied for a job/promotion etc.; was rejected, but the job remained open or was filled by someone else
D) the selection ratio for protected class A (the minority group) is less than 80 percent of the selection ratio for protected class B (the majority group)
14.)  The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 protects people _______.
A) 30 years of age or older
B) 40 years of age or older
C) 50 years of age or older
D) 60 years of age or older
15.)  The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act ______.
A) ensures that members of the uniformed services can return to their civilian employment after their military service ends
B) ensures that veterans are equally represented in the workforce
C) provides job training to members of the uniformed services to assist them in transitioning to civilian jobs
D) requires that a job board be maintained for the sole use of veterans transitioning to civilian jobs after their service ends
16.)  A hotel chain that is recruiting front desk receptionists receives 200 applications from males and 100 applications from females.  100 out of 200 men are hired and 25 out of 100 women are hired.  Which of the following statements is true of the hotel chain’s hiring policy?
A) There is evidence of a disparate impact of the hiring process on males as a group.
B) There is evidence of a disparate impact of the hiring process on females as a group.
C) There is no evidence of any disparate impact.
D) There is evidence of disparate impact against both males and females.
17.)  Which of the following is a characteristic of independent contractors?
A) They have a continuous relationship with the employer.
B) They do not receive benefits from the employer.
C) They control the processes and results of their work.
D) They do not pay their employment taxes, the employer does.
18.)  Which of the following visually shows each of the possible successors for a job and summarizes their strengths, present performance, promotion readiness, and development needs?
A) scatter diagrams
B) perceptual maps
C) talent inventories
D) replacement charts
19.)  Which of the following is NOT a reason cited in your readings that a company would want to consider current employees as a valuable resource for finding qualified new hires?
A) Current employees generally refer only individuals they believe would make exceptional employees.
B) Applicants hired through employee referrals are more likely to be given a realistic preview of the job which helps them make a good decision as to whether they would fit with the organization.
C) Heterogeneity of a firm is affected positively by this method.
D) This method of recruitment will help to locate qualified candidates that may have not been looking for a job.
20.)  Which of the following is NOT a benefit of hiring interns?
A) Provides an opportunity for you to assess a student directly
B) Allows for extra hands to help with administrative tasks
C) Allows a student to get a good view of what working for your organization would be like.
D) Gives the organization an opportunity to find good quality hires for future opportunities.
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