psy 227 final project research essay directions

  • Media’s Portrayal of Death: Explore how media treats death and shapes how we view death.

Watch a few hours of programming, including one media source from each type: news, drama/sitcom and movie

Supplement your thoughts and ideas with academic research. What are the experts saying about how death is depicted in media? How has it impacted our view of death? Use examples to illustrate what the various portrayals in media tell us about death in terms of gender, race, social class, and religion. These are to be addressed specifically. What do they tell us about the grieving process and about what is appropriate versus what is not appropriate? How does portrayal change with regard to the target audience?

The final paper must be written in a formal and academic voice, be well-edited for both grammar and spelling, and be between 1700 and 2000 words in length, (the body of your paper; not counting reference page or title page).

The paper must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, followed by a main body with supporting arguments, a summary conclusion, and an APA formatted reference page at the end.

Word document using the following convention: PSY227_M#_FinalProjectEssay_firstnamelastname

Use a standard font in size 12 and double space.

Include a title, heading (name, date, class number), and page numbers

Provide five sources, including three sources from peer-reviewed journals, on the Works Cited page in APA style

Use in-text citations in APA style

Carefully proofread for proper grammar

1,700-2,000 words

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