Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner essay

OverviewWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of being a psychopharmacologist versus also integrating psychotherapy in your practice?How do you envision the role of psychotherapy in your future practice?What does it look like in your community and state-levels for PMHNPs in practice (i.e., psychopharmacological management and psychotherapy)?Is this different from what you envision your practice to look like?What does the literature say (i.e., support for or lack of evidence) for integration of therapy and prescribing by the same clinician (APRN or MD)?”InstructionsCarefully read the questions presented.Reflect on the assigned materials from this week and consider experiences from your own practice.Conduct research to support your ideas.Fully answer each of the questions. It should a brief one to three pages in APA format (excluding title and reference pages) with a minimum of three peer-reviewed references with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.Post your paper to this assignment by Day 7.

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