psychology 581 child development research paper


1.) To research and critically analyze empirical studies relevant to your topic of child development

2.) To write up your analysis of empirical work, integrating your own ideas about how this work informs understanding of children’s development

Guidelines for the Research Paper Write-up (-double-spaced pages formatted in APA-style) Your research paper must describe and critically examine the findings reported in the empirical articles focused on your topic of child development. It must also incorporate your thoughts on the implications of these findings in understanding children’s development.

NOTE: Your topic and empirical articles from peer-review journals for this assignment must have been approved by me in advance.

Your APA-style paper must consist of ALL the components below:

1. Introduce your paper’s aim:

a.) Identify clearly the topic of development that is the focus of your paper b.) Indicate your reasons for selecting this topic

2. Summarize briefly the findings reported in each of the empirical articles. Be certain each summary includes the following information:

a.) Research question addressed in the study most relevant to your paper’s topic b.) Participants involved and methodologies utilized in this study

c.) Findings that pertain to the research question

d.) Authors’ interpretations of these findings

3. Elaborate your take on:

a.) Researchers’ interpretation of the findings – do you agree or disagree with them & why? b.) How the findings inform understanding about your topic of development

4. Conclude your paper indicating:

a.) What you learned about your topic of development based on the articles you examined

b.) Suggestions for future research on your topic and how such research would provide further insights about children’s development.

5. Include a reference section

NOTE: Avoid the use of quotes, unless necessary.

For information on how to format a paper in APA-style, consult:

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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