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: Quality control of scientific analysis
Quality control of scientific analysis is of paramount importance to clinical and research scientists. In this section you will explore the concept of quality and experience commonly used quality
Answer the following questions:
1. Define Quality in terms of scientific analysis
2. What consequences exist for patients as a result of poor quality laboratory results?
3. What impact can poor quality results have on research? Include an example from a published paper
4. What is UKAS?
5. What is NEQAS and how does this process improve laboratory quality?
Graph to show Haemoglobin (Hb) control Horiba
6. Using the data above write a short narrative report about the control’s performance over the month
7. Are there any days during which results should not have been reported? Why?
8. Why is it important to adhere to established Standard Operating Procedures?
9. What features should a professional possess to ensure quality to service users?
10. Which of these qualities do you possess? How do you intend to develop in this area?

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