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Quality Tools and Techniques
Individual Assignment/Project 30% DUE WEEK 8
Each learner is assigned to his/her specific industry/office
Each learner is to read through the customer/consumer complaints for a period of three or four months – to identify and record at least 20 complaints in total. If complaints are not tracked, then
design a simple template to track complaints from now on so that you have some data to work on within a month or so at least.
i. Prepare a check sheet to list the complaints, tally and summarize frequencies
ii. Draw a Pareto Diagram to array the complaints
iii. Select the top 3 complaints and for each prepare:
a. Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram – use the framework of the Fishbone to explain the possible causes for the arising problems for the each of the top three complaints with the team from
the industry/office you work in.
b. Another Pareto Diagram by complaints by location or time or country (Drill Down Pareto)
iv. Write a narrative for each of the charts, tables or diagrams you have prepared.
v. Write a conclusion on your understanding of the analysis that you have performed.
iv. Prepare the Final Report (which includes all of the above) using a Business Report Structure.
Business Report Structure (about 4 pages or 2000 words)
Executive Summary
The executive summary must have the following parts written as separate paragraphs:
Introduce the topic
Describe the method of data collection and analysis
Content page
The content page should be generated using word processing embedded in the Word document.
List of numbered sections in report and their page numbers
Introduction to the report (0.5 page max)
Terms of Reference – Outline the report structure

Background of the organization (0.5 page max)

Introduce each industries or sectors your group have examined.

Explain the reasons for which quality is important for each of the businesses or industries your group is working on.

Research Method and Data Collection (0.5 page max)

Explain how you gain access to the information/data and how those data was collected.

Findings (1.5 pages max)

Describe your analysis one by one:

(i) Check sheet

(ii) Pareto Diagram – the top 3 complaints

(iii) For the top 3 complaints: each the Fishbone diagram analysis for each complaints.

(iv) For each of the top 3 complaints do another Pareto Diagram by location, time, or country.

Conclusion (1 page max)

< A conclusion is not a summary of your analysis or findings. It is your making sense of what you have found from your analysis> with all the information that you have found, how would you now

make sense of what business do to control/manage quality. Relate your findings to quality management and it’s implications and importance to businesses and society today.

An Example on the Use of Visual Quality Tools.

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