Quantitative Research Article Critique

To complete this assignment, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the      associated document/worksheet below.
  2. Choose a quantitative      research article that relates to (the PICOT question that is attached)      If your annotated bibliography included a quantitative research      article(s), I have also attached the completed (annotated      bibliography).
    1. The quantitative       research article MUST be related to your PICOT question.
  3. Answer each      question to the best of your ability within the associated      document/worksheet.
  4. ***Submit the      quantitative research article you chose along with the      completed worksheet
    1. Without submitting       the research article, I will not be able to grade the assignment,       forfeiting your grade.

      MUST follow the instructions above.

Proof read before submitting and use your OWN words

Purpose: To assist the student in critiquing evidence to support their research question

Directions: To answer these questions you will refer to an article of your choice that relates to your PICOT question.

Respond to each question in one paragraph.

1. What was the research design of this study?

2. What was the purpose of this study?

3. What type of hypothesis was tested?

4. What approach is used to test the hypothesis in this study?

5. List the independent variable(s) in the study.

6. List the dependent variable(s) in the study.

7. What was the target population?

8. How is the literature review organized?

9. What data collection method(s) were used in the study?

10. How was a determination made concerning the treatment that subjects received? Any ethical procedures identified?

11.  What would be the best way to describe the intervention for the control group in this study?

12. In the reference list choose an example of a primary source of evidence?

13. In the reference list choose an example of a secondary source of evidence?

14. What did the researchers hypothesize?

15. In the data collection method does it show evidence of: (what are its properties –reliability and validity)

16. For your study is Cronbach’s alpha coefficient mentioned for your data collection instrument. What does this mean?

17. Was the study hypothesis supported?

18. Based on the information available in the article, what can you accurately state about the sample?

19. What was the main contribution of this study to the discipline of nursing?

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