questions about turf management for golf course managers 1

Each question only needs at least 25 words to answer.

1. Module 7: Why is using potable water an expensive method for irrigation for golf courses?

Module 7 offers us insight about methods of irrigation, one of which is using potable water. However, this can be an expensive irrigation method. Why is that?

2. module 8 what environment is an ideal for a putting green?

3. Module 8: What criteria would use to evaluate the effectiveness of topdressing?

In module 8 we learned about the practice of topdressing to achieve a more smooth golf course surface. In my question, I am most curious about how the effectiveness of this practice is monitored and evaluated.

4. Module 9: What are some cultural control ways for preventing pythium blight?

Module 9 introduces several diseases to turfgrasses including pythium blight. In what ways can managers control this disease through cultural practices?

5. module 9:which of the following happens to a root system growing in a compacted soil?

6. Module 10: which types of weeds are most similar to turfgrass?

In the module 10, the professor in the class talks about many kinds of weeds, I want to know which kinds of weeds is similar to turfgrass f, is anyone could help me to explain .

7. Module 10: Bacateria wilt is cause by the pathogen?

8. Module11: what the disadvantages could the white grubs can caused?

In module 11, the professor in the movies e talks about the white grubs, it could brings a lot of disadvantages to turfgrass, so what is specifically.

9. Module 11: Which insect pest below would be considered to have an incomplete life cycle?

10. Module12:The PGA Tour Competition Agronomist works most closely with?

In module 12, the professor in the movie talks about The pga tour competition agronomist, so I want to know what is most closely with it.

11. Module 12: what should be done first during a tournament ?

what practice should always be done first on the first day of a tournament, what should be mown? look in modules 12s management practices.

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