quiz weekly quiz 1

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  1. Human identical twins are always identical in terms of:
    A. Psychopathology
    B. Fingerprints
    C. Genotype
    D. Phenotype

1 points


  1. When an axon is injured, the neuron that gave rise to the axon may also die through the process of:
    A. Anterograde degeneration
    B. Retrograde degeneration
    C. Transneuronal degeneration
    D. Synapse elimination

1 points


  1. Radial glial cells stretch between the _______ and _______ surfaces of the developing nervous system.
    A. Medial; Lateral
    B. Rostral; Caudal
    C. Inner; Outer
    D. Left; Right

1 points


  1. Grafting an extra leg onto a developing tadpole or chick results in an increased _______ of _______.
    A. Apoptosis; Cortical barrels
    B. Survival; Motor neurons
    C. Survival; Sensory neurons
    D. Apoptosis; Motor neurons

1 points


  1. If one eye of a kitten is occluded during the sensitive period, visual cortex cells later show _______ responses to visual stimuli presented to that eye.
    A. Increased
    B. Variable
    C. Decreased
    D. Spontaneous
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