quiz weekly quiz 3

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  1. Which structure is not part of the vestibular system?
    A. Eustachian tube
    B. Saccule
    C. Semicircular canals
    D. Utricle

1 points


  1. The mechanical responses of the outer hair cells appear to fine-tune the organ of Corti and:
    A. Help determine loudness
    B. Amplify sound
    C. Modify sound intensity
    D. Help discriminate frequencies

1 points


  1. _______ offer(s) the best current understanding of the mechanism of pitch perception.
    A. Place coding
    B. Temporal coding
    C. Fourier analysis
    D. Place and temporal coding together

1 points


  1. The visual system integrates stimuli over time; its performance is relatively:
    A. Sensitive, but at the expense of acuity
    B. Fast and sensitive
    C. Fast, but at the expense of sensitivity
    D. Slow but sensitive

1 points


  1. If you accidentally eat a toxic substance, you probably will detect a _______ taste.
    A. Sour
    B. Salty
    C. Bitter
    D. Sweet
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