read an case study about accounting scandal and answer two questions 1

Answer any TWO of the following questions:

    • What could Toshiba have done differently after the accounting scandal was uncovered?
    • Can corporate scandals such as the one that arose in Toshiba be linked to the lifetime employment system that is typical in Japanese organizations?
    • How can companies create a fraud-resistant corporate ecology or culture?
    • How important is it that firms create a transparency forum? How does the Toshiba case support this view?
    • In what ways are Japan and the US different culturally? What elements of Japan’s culture contributed to Toshiba’s downfall?
    • Why did Toshiba’s internal audit function fail?
    • Internal vs. external auditors: How can auditors effectively detect company fraud?

    No more than one page for each question, double space. Please make sure no plagiarism

  • Link for the case
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