read the articles and Write a page paper following the question

Read the articles by Peter Singer and Garrett Hardin (in the Chapter 7 subfolder in the Additional Materials folder on the class ulearn site). Answer the following based on your understanding of these articles:

What do Singer and Hardin think should be done to assist the poor in developing nations? What reasons do they give in support of their reasons? How do their arguments differ?

What arguments does Singer give in favor of helping to alleviate famine in foreign countries?What distinction does he draw between “duty” and “charity”? Why does he think it is necessary to draw this distinction?What harm does Singer see in people not contributing to famine relief in the expectation that it is the job of the government to do so?

What is the purpose of Hardin’s lifeboat analogy? What point is he trying to make with it?What does Hardin mean by the tragedy of the commons?What is Hardin’s position on aiding the poor? How does it differ from Peter Singer’s?

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