read the bio

Clearly label each response. See the bold text for label suggestions. Stay within the page limit. Papers must be typewritten, double-spaced 10 or 11 pointfont with one-inch margins.

3 pages


Each of the following concepts is associated with one of the theories we discussed in class; provide the following for each (1/2 page per term);

•What is the theory and the name of the theorist who developed the concept?

•Define the concept.

•How is the concept related to status attainment?

•Provide a specific example of the concept from your own experience, class discussion or an observation at your fieldwork site.

•1) Status groups/Status culture

•2) Engaged Pedagogy

•3) Embodied State

•4) Concerted Cultivation/Natural Growth

•5) Meritocracy

•6) Transformative Learning

for the examples just give an example of the term in like scenario or something.

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