read the chapter 1 3 of job and answer the questions

Read and interpret this course texts in accordance with that perspective. The introduction should explain what a Transformation essay is. Define what a “mythic” perspective looks like in a short academic essay.

This essay should be about 3 – 4 pages long.

Then answer the list of questions.

Here is the text. JOB chapter 1-3


How do I understand it from someone else’s perspective?

What’s literal and what’s symbolic?

What is the lesson of the story? What is the moral?

What common symbols do we find that are from many religions?

What about motifs? Specific storylines?

How does it compare with other religious texts?

How does it relate to different holidays or traditions?

Is there a “call to action” for the hero (or for the reader?)?

How has the story evolved over time?

What would this text look like read through the eyes of a different religious tradition?

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