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prompt: The cases of Iva Toguri and Estelle Griswold center on the application of Constitutional law—treason and the right to privacy respectively. Consider the sections of the US Constitution which address citizens’ rights with respect to treason and privacy. Citing extensively and exclusively from the books, write an essay arguing which social, cultural, and political factors most affected the application of the Constitution in these cases.
Just try to use simple vocabulary and sentence, make the essay simple and clear to read. I need the essay to have three main ideas and point out at the first paragraph, need a clear thesis (which factor is more importantly). For example, for the Iva’s book I think it relate to the 6th amendment, the political factors could include the reelection during that period; social factors could be her asian immigrant citizenship via white US citizens. And for the Griswold book the political reason could be the civil rights movement. Also, from our professor’s idea you could merge the idea of social and culture factors to one factor. Make sure you also talk about why the other two factors in not important than this factor and give some example to support your idea.
Most importantly, ONLY use the reference from these two books: Griswold v. Connecticut Birth control and the constitutional right of privacy, and The Tokyo Rose Case: Treason on Trial. Try to use as more primary sources as possible from the two books and give the page number after the quotes. Two books is provided in the pdf files

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