Reality assignment child and human development

write the 2-3 paper. You must apply 5 course concepts, and use APA style formatting. There is an example template in the attachments.

‘Option C: Piaget’s Conservation Experiments. For this observation you will need a child that is 3-5 years old and a child that is 7- 8 years old. Read pages 173-175 in the text book. On page 175 Figure 5.6 provides directions for Piaget’s conservation tasks. Choose at least 2 of the tasks to “complete with the children. Here is a link to a video example: Before writing the Reality Assignment paper review the directions in the attachment. You will need to apply 5 course concepts and cite class readings and lecture as appropriate (Berger, 2016 Chapter 1 p. 28-29; 32; & Chapter 5 p. 173-175; and Piaget & Inhelder, 1969 posted on Canvas).

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