Recent Advances in Biomedical Science –

Recent Advances in Biomedical Science
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Recent Advances in Biomedical Science
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Assessment 1
This is a 4,000+10% word essay should survey and critically evaluate the research previously reported in the field and include careful reference to current literature, using the Harvard referencing system. Coursework that exceeds the stated word limit will be penalised according to the following scheme: If your work exceeds the stated limit by more than 10% your mark will be reduced by 10% (i.e. one degree class).
The essay will assimilate and extract information from recent published articles and applies it to address the research question set.
The marking criteria for the student’s report are as follows:
• fulfilment of the requirements of the assignment task (including adherence to any word page length specified); • evidence of reading around the subject at the appropriate level, (predominantly papers), with correct and complete citation and referencing of sources using Harvard Referencing;
• demonstrating appropriate breadth, relevance and understanding of recent research pertaining to chosen report;
• evidence of critical thinking and evaluation of sources of information; delivery of a clear, well-structured report;
• standard and style of written English, grammar, spelling, punctuation and use of appropriate scientific terminology; and evidence of innovative and creative thinking
4,000+10% essay excluding the reference list, figure and table captions. The report should be produced digitally for e.g. using Word or other similar software. Students are advised to use sub-headings to structure their report. All sources aof information and images should be cited using the Harvard Referencing format.

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