From the Week 1 Assignment, review your “My Plan” and your proposal to stay on track for healthy eating.

For at least ten days, you should have recorded in the Supertracker, your daily food intake and physical activity using the Food Tracker and Physical Activity Tracker.

Go to “My Reports” on the Supertracker and create reports in the following categories: Meal Summary, Food Groups & Calories, Nutrients, and Physical Activity. Export these four reports as PDF files. Analyze your reports and compare them with your My Plan from the Week 1 Assignment. Next go to the 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series, and choose at least one of the topics in an area that you identified as needing work. Review the tips and select at least three tips of the ten that you feel will help you meet your future goals. Formulate a reasonable proposal that would increase those behaviors so as to meet the “My Plan” goals.

To complete this assignment, submit the following items as attachments:

1. Attach the Meal Summary Report

2. Attach the Food Groups and Calories Report

3. Attach the Nutrients Report

4. Attach the Physical Activity Reports (2)

5. For Part 5 prepare a report that includes the following:

  • Discuss your progress toward meeting the goals of your “My Plan” that you completed for the Week 1 Assignment, including which goals were met and which areas need work.
  • Discuss your observations about your recommended vs. actual calorie intake, MACROnutrient intake, and MICROnutrient intake from the “Nutrients Report.”
  • Identify the new Ten Tips topic you chose, and discuss the 3 items from that list you chose to work on for the future.

Show that you have spent some time reviewing the 4 SuperTracker reports and making dietary recommendations and goals for yourself for the future. This should be a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs in length. Be sure to submit your report as a Word document attachment (do not type your report into the “Text Submission” area.)

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