Refer To The Balance Sheets And Income Statement Below For Facebook Inc

Refer to the balance sheets and income statement below for Facebook Inc. FACEBOOK INC. Consolidated Statement of Income For Year Ended December 31, $ millions 2018 Revenue $55,838 Costs and expenses Cost of revenue 9,355 Research and development 10,273 Marketing and sales 7,846 General and administrative 3,451 Total costs and expenses 30,925 Income from operations 24.913 Interest and other income (expense), net Income before provision for income taxes 25,361 Provision for income taxes 3,249 Net income $22,112 448 FACEBOOK INC. Consolidated Balance Sheet At December 31, $ millions 2018 2017 Current assets Cash and cash equivalents $10,019 $8,079 Marketable securities 31,095 33,632 Accounts receivable, net 7,587 5,832 Prepaid expenses and other current assets 1,779 1,020 Total current assets 50,480 48,563 Property and equipment, net 24,683 13,721 Intangible assets, net 1,294 1,884 Goodwill 18,301 18,221 Other assets $2,576 $2,135

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