reflect on your experience as a towson university sports management student and the commitment of the professors

8 pages, double spaced in apa format. Think back to the coursework and experiences we have offered during your time here and offer a defense for why this program does a good job at getting you ready, and/or describe things that could be done to improve your experience. If needed, I will provide the classes to choose or give you a break down for a cheaper cost.

Put simply, how do you think we can better prepare you well and appropriately educated intellectuals entering the sport labor force? How do we create a rigorous major that commands respect when you earn a degree in it? To best respond to this prompt you should:

1.Define how you believe this program should more closely align with – rational technocratic or critical pedagogical courses and why

2.Describe which courses (not teachers) best prepare and develop your understanding of the field and why

3.Describe which courses (not teachers) need further improvement or should be removed from your program of study and why

4.Describe which courses we need to develop to meet your needs in this ever-changing industry

5.Defend and/or critique our required minor in Business Administration

6.Defend and/or critique our internship requirement

7.Provide the best arguments against your ideas in a thoughtful and cogent manner

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