replay on 4 posts 2 replays per on subject discussion


I have


in two different subjects on taking note

what i want is to replay on 4 posts 2 replays per on subject

first subject is :

Principles for Deep Processing

In the video, Dr. Chew described four principles for deep processing: elaboration, distinctiveness, personal, and appropriate retrieval and application. Select one of these principles and describe how it relates to an academic situation you have experienced in college, either in a positive or a negative way.

If this is your first college class, or if you simply prefer, pretend like you are taking an art history class and completing this first assignment about Maya versus Teotihuacan art. Describe how one of the principles for deep processing would relate to successfully completing the project. You may need to conduct a web search on key terms to get a full understanding of the assignment.

post number one:

So I have a psychology class. I have related some of the material back to myself growing up. I feel that this has helped me in that class as a positive goal. Some of were I am at in the book it is talking about how the children have a stronger bond with their mothers rather than their fathers. I can relate in that type of sense. I believe that I have a stronger bond with my mother still.

post number two:

I find personal retrieval and application to be the most used principle when I learn. While I try to attempt other methods with other classes like math or science, I typically use the personal method. Most of the time, it works out in a positive manner. If I really want to learn something, I do it best by relating to something I’ve seen, heard, or done. I then replace some parts of the story with what I’m trying to learn. For example, I remember the organizational method of species with an acronym. I use acronyms to take the edge off learning. So instead of being overwhelmed by: Domain. Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species; I come up with my own acronym with words I can relate to: Donkey kong plays chess online for great strategy. While it may sound silly to other people, the acronym helps me retain the correct classification order. I don’t need the acronym anymore because I’ve retained the order from using it often. Sometimes personal retrieval doesn’t work because I can get lost in the experience I am trying to connect with. Before I know it, I’ve lost 5-10 minutes daydreaming.

subject number two :

Why I Hate Cornell Notes

Read this column entitled “Why I Hate Cornell Notes,” which was written by a high school student for her school newspaper. Pretend that this student is entering SCSU in the fall, and you are in a student organization with her. What would be your response if she shared with you with these complaints about Cornell Notes?

post number three:

First off I completely agree with her. I hate the fact that study guides are becoming more obsolete. What if you write down the wrong question that is not put on the test? Do you then fail that test because you have been working really hard at trying to study the questions that you had put down and they are not the right ones? I would tell her that she is speaking for a lot of us. I for one don’t like writing my notes really small. I like making that big and effective so that I can go back and look at them.

post number four :

Hey look, I’m gonna level with you, I completely get it. To be perfectly frank I’ve been forced to try and use Cornell notes myself in the past and I have struggled to find them useful as well. I can see how in practice there can be some benefits to this system but I definitely understand your apprehension. I don’t believe that forcing someone to use a particular note-taking system is productive because forcing that upon someone can create resentment towards it. However I do believe that introducing the idea to someone and allowing them to personally see the benefits can organically create Cornell note-taking as a habit. I do agree that you limit your actual note-taking space, but the simple fix for that is to use more paper. So I would encourage you to give it a try, and if it is still not your thing then no harm done.

so please replay for all the four posts

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