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Legal and ethical considerations when completing recruitment processes must deter any room for discrimination based on age, gender, nationality and race, among other federal guidelines and represent an equal employment opportunity. It is important to base recruitment upon the mission of the company and competency expectations thereof. It is very important to discuss a detailed job description with criteria specific to the tasks expected and ensure that the workload is compatible for the skill set of the candidate. In the event a candidate is recruited, but later struggling to meet the goals of the company, ongoing training and conferences are set-up for risk mitigation and employee redirection.

This HR processes aligns well with the global business environment because most companies hire for continued growth of their company and mitigate reputational risks by hiring an incompatible candidate. Recruiting processes help ensure the best candidate for the job is hired with high levels of competency to meet the goals and mission of the company. Old Navy works very hard to ensure that employees are compatible in helping to create the best shopping experience for customers and understand that they are more than just an employee, they are family.

“Human Resources Managers serve as a strategic partner to the business by providing HR generalist support. The ideal HRM ensures a healthy work environment for all employees, leading organizational and employee engagement strategies. They also deliver comprehensive talent and talent management strategies to drive employee performance and support the needs of the business” (Human Resources. 2018). Defining the Human Resource Manager role helps better understand the many different positions that they fill in order to secure positive hiring and recruiting processes to fit the overall mission of the company.

In simplest terms, human resources recruiters develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill company staffing needs. As part of a human resources team, recruiters (also known as corporate recruiters and internal recruiters) are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of a company and building a strong workforce that adds to the company’s bottom line. These highly skilled and often equally highly educated HR professionals possess knowledge of employment and labor law, have a deep understanding of the organization and its staffing needs, and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills. Most organizations view recruiters as being responsible for the entire recruiting cycle. In other words, these professionals are called upon to find potential candidates, screen them, and recommend them for placement. The process of recruiting may involve both internal and external sourcing methods, thereby requiring these HR professionals to be adept at understanding where and how to locate candidates. Old Navy defines this position as following: “Recruiters are responsible for attracting and selecting great individuals to the organization. They optimize various sourcing venues to attract new candidates and link talented people to our open jobs, helping to build a talent pipeline that supports our business needs and future growth of the company. Recruiters help market our company as a great place to work by sharing our core values, our mission of ‘doing more and our commitment to the communities where we work and live” (Human Resources. 2018).

The recruiting process of Human Resources does directly align with Old Navy’s number one priority of giving customers the best experience possible. Building a team with optimal strategies offered by the recruiting process helps aid in competent team members that thrive on maintaining the positive shopping experience promised by the company. This is such a crucial step because companies that do not have such rigorous hiring processes, such as this one, often hire people based on premature information that later shows in the work ethic of the customer. According to Mastracci (2009), strong evidence in job security and advancement are great benefits of the recruitment process; candidates that were shown, with good performance, you could jump from here to here within this timeframe were more likely to make the investment necessary to follow that plan. Without such a plan in place, companies can hire candidates that are not truly as compatible for the company as originally thought, recruiting processes help deter this risk. This also aids in the cultural perspective of the organization. Employees that are invested in will be more likely to return the investment within the company because of the culture of the company. You continue to grow what you initially create.

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Ethics and integrity are vital for any business, without ethics and integrity a business will not likely survive. Ethics are about doing what is right, it’s not what you do but how you make people feel that will resonate with them (Cairns, 2017). If people feel like they’re not being treated well or they’re being taken advantage of they are less likely to do business with a company. Business intelligence and artificial intelligence poise its own unique set of ethical concerns. Business intelligence utilizes data to drive business decisions. Where the data is obtained from and what it is used for can present some of the concerns surrounding ethics and integrity (Ethical Advocate, 2013). Data should be obtained in an ethical manner, either utilizing publicly available data, purchasing data from a company that has permission to aggregate and/or provide specific types data, or from business transactions within the company. However, even when data is obtained in an ethical manner, what the data is used for can still be an ethical concern. If the project that is utilizing the data is used to spy on customers or damage a competitor’s reputation, unjustly, these could be considered lacking integrity. The basis of ethics and integrity in business intelligences and business in general, is to do what is best for the company and the client.


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Communication is paramount in being successful in business no matter what role you are in; great communicators such as Richard Feynman and Michael Faraday used their skills to get their messages out to the masses, they didn’t restrict it to people only in their circle (Satell, 2015). When communicating in a business setting, you need to be able to explain things to a wide variety of different people. Not everyone you present to will be able to understand the jargon of your position; for example, I can talk about how valuable business intelligence would be to my organization and how we need more money invested in the program but few people at my company truly understands what business intelligence actually is and what it can do for them. Incorporating charts and graphs can help some people understand the benefits of business intelligence and what it will do for the company. My company, UWM, values transparency and relationships (United Wholesale Mortgage, 2018). I will explain how business intelligence can continue to support their values of providing transparency to their clients. By analyzing their data as well as industry data, UWM will be able to better communicate with their clients and help to support their brokers. If data is presented in a clear and understandable way it can become a very powerful form of communication.


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Program Outcome 7: This outcome underscores the importance of effective communication in business practice. You will work to develop professional speaking and presentation skills incorporating the use of graphics, data, and different communication methods. You will also apply the basic elements of argument and persuasion to strengthen your presentation of business solutions.

This outcome has been one that I have enjoyed learning and have even been able to incorporate it in my career field. I have learned how professionalism is respected and can truly benefit a company and increase customer quality ratings as well. Strengthening my presentation of persuasion has also enabled me to build confidence within my capstone project of implementing an Operation Improvement Plan for Old Navy.

The project creates an Operational Improvement Plan for Old Navy’s Human Resources Department in hopes of opening the doors of innovation within the company for future success. Human Resource practices are changing and companies that wish to succeed must have innovation at the forefront of all decisions. According to Mastracci (2009), companies who understand the importance of recruiting the best employees possible are more willing to bend over backwards to get the employees they want in terms of benefits and pay. This is, in my opinion, the most crucial process because it sets the tone for the workload capabilities of the hire in direct relation with the job duties and expectations of the company. Employee morale is reviewed in direct correlation with current company practices from published employee opinions, along with customer reviews.

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