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The advancement of technology has developed at a rapid pace, changing the way the human species accomplish tasks and interact with each other. Many different companies, including US critical infrastructure are connected via the internet to ensure the technology runs smoothly and can be monitored. Because the physical means of security is becoming more entwined with the cyber effects of the system. People are able to gain access to systems to cause physical destruction. “In 2018 alone, we have seen more physical assets that are vulnerable via connection to the internet, including devices like security cameras, alarm and access control panels, and manufacturing infrastructure like industrial automation systems” (Wise, 2018).
For example, which correlates to Cyber and Physical Security mentioned in the Cyber Strategy, WannaCry ransomware attack targeted healthcare facilities. This attack even shut down some facilities in the US forcing only emergent care and transfer of other patients. DHS worked with partner agencies and US healthcare to identify the threat and remove the malware.
DHS Cybersecurity Strategy. Department of Homeland Security, 4 Apr. 2019,
Wise, Will. “Why You Need an Integrated Approach Cyber and Physical Security.” TechRadar, TechRadar Pro, 12 Oct. 2018,

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