REQUIRED READING: Art of the Start Authors: Guy Kawasaki Publisher: Penguin

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REQUIRED READING: Art of the Start Authors: Guy Kawasaki Publisher: Penguin ISBN # 9781591840565

THE GOAL: The purpose of this report is to allow students a chance to reflect and reinforce what they have learned through self-examination. The report will be an opportunity to share personal experiences and opinions, as they pertain to the topic discussed, but will require reading, research and the use of concrete examples and support. This type of report is intended to afford an opportunity to synthesize the theoretical knowledge gained from the reading and coursework, with the applied experiences that pertain to students’ individual entrepreneurial journeys and ventures. The time students spend studying the principles of entrepreneurship is intended to provide the skills and understanding necessary to pursue individual entrepreneurial goals and ventures.

THE REPORT: Each student will prepare an individual Term End Reflection Report to submit through the designated drop box within the course. The expectation is that the report will be developed over the course of the semester and pertain to the assigned reading in the book. The book, The Art of the Start, is required reading and the spring board for the reflection report. The purpose of this Term End Reflection Report is to evaluate and reflect on the overall experience of the book and explain what it taught you about yourself.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the required book and write about the experience and what the book taught you about yourself. Take notes while you are reading the book to develop a list of thoughts and feelings that you experience or attitudes of yours that have changed as a result of your reading. Conduct additional research outside the book to support your new or existing positions. Keep track of your sources to site in your final paper (minimum three additional sources). Compare your experience of reading the book with your prior knowledge. Experiences will be analyzed according to theoretical concepts and there needs to be discussion and illustration of how they conformed or diverged from the theoretical expectations.

The report should provide as much detail as possible and respond to ALL the sections to receive full credit.

THE REPORT SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS: Suggestions have been provided within each section as a guide for what to include. You are NOT limited to these items.

1. BRIEF SUMMARY: Provide a brief narrative summary of your experience reading the book. Include details on factual information as well as your feelings and impressions. Provide details on why this was a meaningful book for you.

2. EXPERIENCE COMPARISON: Reflect on the overall experience. What were you hoping to learn more about before you began your reading? How has the reading aligned with your goals, perceptions, or ideas going into the reading? Have you developed a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship as a result of the book? Has your perspective shifted – if so, how?

3. ANALYSIS: Use the following questions as a guide for your discussion on the overall experience. You are NOT limited to these questions: What did you learn about yourself, your abilities, or your interests? What did you “discover” as a result of the reading and the time spent in the course? What types of challenges do you face and how do plan on dealing with them now that you have read the book? What was the “best” aspect of the book? What was the “worst” aspect of the book? Discuss the benefits of having read the book? Describe ways in which the experience was enriching and educational. Discuss ways in which the book has served to prepare you for the “real world” and your entrepreneurial journey. What were your expectations going into the reading? Were they met? Why or why not? What were you most surprised to learn about entrepreneurship? About yourself?

4. CONCLUSION: Provide an overview of your insights on entrepreneurship and launching a venture. Discuss your personal plans for the future – specifically as they pertain to entrepreneurship. Did the book help to shape those plans? How did this book change you and your perspective or reinforce your attitudes towards entrepreneurship?

The minimum is 1 ½ pages and the maximum is 3 pages. Using standard 12pt font, double spaced, with 1″ margins (APA format). It is important to provide reference, sources and footnotes. However they will not count towards the minimum/maximum page requirements. Three additional sources besides the book are required.Tags: businessEntrepreneurship

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