requirements for two species

Human comfort, canine comfort, location for canines to go to the bathroom, sleeping and living environments suitable for the canine and handlers recovering from different kinds of injuries. Medical facilities for both species. Food preparation for both species. Also, entertainment facilities for both species.

Sufficient living space for a year for a min of 20 teams.

  1. You have been given the assignment to find a location that will serve as a rehabilitation facility for two different species of animals.
  2. The first is the human, the second is the canine.
  3. Teams of military dogs and their human handlers sometimes are hurt or ill. In some cases one is hurt and in some cases both are hurt. Research shows that recovery time is reduced by 60% for humans with PTSD when they are together, and for physical trauma for both human and canine recovery time is reduced when the team is kept together.
  4. You can select any building in the US.
  5. It can be occupied or not.
  6. There many not be a perfect building/location but your task is to get as close as the custom criteria require.

Structure of answer

URL of location or building. A narrative describing why the recommendation matches some or all the criteria. A description of your thinking on how to answer this question. Your answer should be no less than one page, double spaced, and no more than two. If you use references to learn about the specifications of the custom criteria, please provide a reference list.

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