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English 104 Research Paper A research paper is one of the requirements for successful completion of this course. Think of this paper as an expanded version of the other essays you have written this
term. In addition to being longer, this paper also requires you to use as evidence not only facts from the literary text but also information gathered from other sources. Because you are writing a
paper on a literary topic, your sources will be reviews, literary criticism, and /or essays written by expert authors. As always, it is important that you write from credible, reliable, and
intellectually appropriate sources. Do not use web searches. Use the Leatherby Library databases. If you run into research issues, the Brandman University Coordinator of Library Services will be
happy to help. Please use the following as guideline for the work.
1. The paper will be at least 1,500-2,000 words.
2. You will use at least five secondary sources in addition to the literary text or texts you are analyzing. For our purposes, primary sources include the actual story, poem, or play under
discussion while the secondary sources are articles written about those texts.
3. All sources must be scholarly, not popular. They must be correctly documented in MLA style. Refer to your Hacker guide or the Purdue Online Writing Lab
( for reference to this.
4. Your paper will include both in-text (or parenthetical) citations and a Works Cited page. The Works Cited will not be included in your word count. All works you consult, including the
bibliographical information for the story, poem, or play must be included. For help, please view: In-text citations: (You can stop listening at 4:00).
Works Cited Page: Because you have already had an opportunity to write about the fiction and poetry texts we have discussed this term, the
literary analysis will focus on drama. Select one of the plays we have discussed in class, and choose a specific theme upon which to focus the thesis of the essay. A few possible prompts are listed
1. What is the significance of honor in Much Ado About Nothing? How is female honor different from that of male honor? In the end, does honor do more harm or more good?
2. How do the changes made by Kenneth Branagh in his 1993 film version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing change the nature of the play? (Or, if you think they don’t, explain why not). This
topic might look at the political environment of the play versus the movie, or might discuss the nuances of Hero’s character that may or may not be lost in Branagh’s film.
3. Explain the importance of “noting” in this play. You can focus on one kind of “noting” or you can focus on one subtopic in the play and show how “noting” occurs on several levels. Review the
introduction to Much Ado for more details.
4. Here are some additional ideas for Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing:

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