research paper 1549

write 5 paragraphs about SAM walton. One introduction, 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion with one page of work

For each body paragraph, you need to connect the character to the mindset book of carol dweck. (Make sure you have added a Dweck quote sandwich into 2 of your body paragraphs.)

Here is how exactly the format for the body paragraphs:

Goal – merge ideas from Carol Dweck and information from Gross’ text and your researrch

Transition + topic sentence about a personality trait that makes your leader successful

  • you may add in ideas from Dweck here or in one of your main points or after an explanation or as a conclusion – complete quote sandwich
  • Transition + main point 1
    • Quote in context –The first time you mention an author, give his/her credentials
    • Explain how the quote supports your main idea
  • Transition + main point 2
    • Quote in context –The first time you mention an author, give his/her credentials
    • Explain how the quote supports your main idea
  • Transition + main point 3
    • Quote in context –The first time you mention an author, give his/her credentials
    • Explain how the quote supports your main idea

Sample Body paragraph for last essay including Dweck

Another one of the characteristics that helped Elon Musk succeed was confidence shown in his space venture, willingness to take risks, and persistence when faced with challenges. To begin, Musk’s confidence is clearly shown in his drive to space even against the advice of others. According to Darryl Smith, a famous American biographer in his article “MUSK!”, states “Despite repeated warnings that the space industry was not a profitable venture for private industry, Musk stayed confident that his company could succeed” (23). In the end, Musk was correct in his confidence, and his company became even more profitable. Also, Musk’s confidence can be seen in the risks he was willing to take even investing a great deal of his own money. Musk is quoted as saying, “If you have a gut hunch about the potential of an emerging market, be prepared to put your money where your mouth is” (Gross 142). By taking risks he believed in, Musk thus showed his confidence to succeed and was willing to back it up with his own funds. Finally, Musk’s confidence can be seen as a result of his growth mindset and persistence to succeed even in the face of huge obstacles. In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck shared an example of how a group of programmers with growth mindset were able to succeed because they were not afraid to fail many times. When Dweck spoke to the group, they stated that “the failures actually gave them confidence because they knew sooner or later they would get it right” (16). Clearly, their ability to see failure as a step to success simply made them more confident they could succeed in the future. This is just what happened with Musk in his persistent confidence even when the challenges were huge.Daniel Gross tells us that Musk took on, “challenges that seem too huge and insurmountable at the start that others are even afraid to try” (164). Musk was not afraid to fail, kept on trying, and remained confident that in the end that he would succeed. He was right!

Introduction: Here is how you wirte the introduction:

Bill Gates once said that “Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose” (Google Quotes Web). Clearly, being successful is a combination of wins and losses. The most successful people try to learn from their failures. This is the story of Bill Gates’ life. Daniel Gross, an editor of Forbes Magazine, in Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Times tells us about Bill Gates in the article “William Gates and the Dominance of Microsoft”. According to Gross, Bill Gates dropped out of college and began his first computer company in his garage. Then I wrote another sentence about Bill Gates. I talk about how he grew his computer company to a great success, but that he did have some problems along the way. (334-352) Learning from one’s failures often leads to greater successes and this is expressed clearly in Carol Dweck’s text Mindset: The New Psychology of success. Dweck, writer and psychologist at Columbia University, did a lot of research and tells us about growth mindset. Explain what that is and how this idea relates to your leader. Bill Gates was initially successful due to hard work; however, he became overconfident and nearly lost his business, but in the end learned from his failures and is a top business leader.

  • Hook
  • Talk about hook and relate to business leader
  • Short biography of business leader – you can use a quote or you can paraphrase, but you must tell us where you got the information
  • Introduce Dweck and her book Mindset and relate to how most successful business leaders tend to have growth mindset qualities
  • Thesis that states business leader name and 3 qualities that make him successful


  • College level transition + restate thesis in different words
  • Summary [2 sentences for each body paragraph – use transitions]
  • Additional ending strategy
  • required textboks:
    Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck
    Forbes Greatest Business Stories of All Time by Daniel Gross (you need to use this book for Sam Walton characters)
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