Research Portfolio I: Annotated Bibliography –

Research Portfolio I: Annotated Bibliography
Total points: 30
•    Present a minimum of 3 references that you contributed to the group as potential sources for the poster project. These can be published before 2014
•    At least two of these references must be from the primary scientific literature. One can be a review article from a journal or technical book
•    For each reference
o    briefly summarize the information it provided in your words
o    briefly discuss how the source relates to your poster topic.
•    Include the 1st page of each of your articles.  These can be pasted into your document or turned in as .pdfs.
•    Each group member should have different references.
Textbooks, encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), blogs, newspapers, and news magazines are NOT acceptable sources for this course. If you are not sure about a reference, please ask me.
•    this is one paper, not 3 separate papers stapled together
•    use the CSE/name-year method format for Literature Citation (McMillan, 4thed pp. 153-160; 5th ed.,pp. 136-143, format exactly according to the “Literature citation slides” posted on Canvas.)
•    pay special attention to the instructions for citing electronic sources.
•    references are listed in alphabetical order, by the last name of the 1st author.
Do NOT number them.
•    directly after each reference present, in separate sections:
a.    a summary of the major points of information this paper will provide
b.    a brief discussion of how you think this paper will contribute to your poster
•    at the very end (after all references and summaries), attach the 1st page of each article in yourAnnotated Bibliography.
Each reference is worth 10 points, as follows:
the citation format used according to handout in class (2)  the clarity of your summary (4)
how well you relate the reference to your topic (3)
the 1st page of article is attached at the end (1)
If you have more than 3 references, the total points will be divided equally among them.
-10 to -20 points:  10 points will be deducted for each reference missing, if you have fewer than the three required
-10 points for a 2nd reference that is not a primary source ( = having two secondary sources as references).
-10 points: you hand in 3 separate papers, one for each reference
-5 points: for each reference shared with another group member.
-2 points: if the summary is not immediately after its reference
-2 points: you do not clearly discuss how you think this paper will be used for in your poster.
-2 points: references are not in alphabetical order.
-1 point: if the references are numbered (even if they are in alphabetical order)
-0.5 points: reference does not include DOI or complete URL for electronic source
-0.2 point: if access date probably wrong
See the Research Report instructions for penalties related to errors with individual citation format.

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