research to support both the for and againstpositions for that argument.

Topic: Business Marketing Critical debate paper and reflective statement
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Critical debate paper (approx. 1000 words)
You will write a fully-referenced essay that that addresses the question Is marketing a force for good or evil? In your essay you should explain and justify based on your reading of relevant
literature your personal position on the debate as to the influence of marketing on society.
A critical debate paper means that you must provide a critical evaluation of the issue under investigation not just what you think thus you should base your views around a central argument and undertake appropriate reading and research to support both the for and againstpositions for that argument.
Fully-referenced means that your analysis MUST be supported by an absolute minimum of six references at least three of which must be academic journal papers from reputable trustworthy
sources such as the following:
? your core text or other marketing text books
? academic journals e.g. Journal of Marketing Management
? reputable published independent news sources e.g. BBC CNN
? reputable practitioner press e.g. Marketing Week
? credible national newspapers e.g. Financial Times.
Given the wide scope of marketing ethics it is suggested that you focus on one particular issue for
example one of the following. Populate your answer with examples:
? Environment and sustainability
? Healthy eating and obesity
? Marketing to children and vulnerable consumers
? Sex in advertising; shocking and offensive advertising
? Gambling and advertising
Reflective statement (maximum 200 words)
At the end of your essay you should include a statement that reflects upon the way you went
about doing this piece of assessment and what you learnt from it for example:
? How did you assure the trustworthiness of your source material e.g. why you are
confident about the reliability of the sources and the credibility of the authors you have
cited in your work?
? Did you learn anything about yourself while doing this exercise?
? How could you use the learning from doing this exercise in your future work?
Marking criteria Individual Task 4
? Evidence of critical writing skills and ability to articulate a clear central argument
? Quality (i.e. trustworthiness) of the sources
? Balanced range of sources (minimum 6 including at least 3 academic journal papers)
? Ability to use the Harvard referencing system correctly
? Quality of personal statement evidence of reflection and ability to learn from the task
? Professional formatting and presentation of the work
? See StudySpace for the Kingston University Undergraduate marking criteria.
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