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Mr. James Binder is a suspect in a serious of residential burglaries. His fingerprints have been recovered from the glass of the broken window at the point of entry. Mr. Binder was previously charged with burglary and had served five years in prison. He is currently on parole.

As a property crime detective, you are assigned to prepare for the interview of Mr. Binder. Based on this week’s readings:

  • Develop a plan including the eight phases of interviewing.
  • Develop 10 interview questions for the interview with Mr. Binder.
  • Explain how you will record and conclude the interview.


Your paper should be 3-4

pages long, not including your cover page and references, and must include at least three different sources. Take care to use credible sources, such as peer-reviewed articles, expert blogs, and the textbook.

8 Phases






Written Statement

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