residential and light construction managament

based on the attached project, please do the following using this textbook:

(Residential Construction Management Joseph A Griffin ISBN 978-1-60427-022-8)

During this quarter, we discovered the Project Lifecycle as described in Joseph Griffin’s “Residential Construction Management”.

List each of those phases and explain how each portion of the Project you worked on related to each individual phase. You will need to give specific examples of your work.

You will also need to explain the Project Lifecycle elements we did not include in the project that were listed in the text and how they might have been useful or how they weren’t necessary.

Use the text as reference for your points of departure on the phases .There are five phases so I expect your answer to this one question to be at least 5 to 8 pages long, using normal spacing.

This examination is one that will highlight your organizational abilities, critical and analytical thinking, and communication skills so I am looking for your thoughts, not a cut, paste and cite of someone else’s ideas.

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