Resource management, sustainability (please see order description) –

Topic: Resource management, sustainability (please see order description)
Order Description
The essay focus should be on the use of appropriate economic theory to develop
policy solutions to the problems identified. At a minimum your essay should
1. A brief description of the problem (without too much technical/scientific
detail – this is an economics essay).
2. A brief explanation as to why this problem is an “economic” problem.
3. A brief exposition of the conceptual tools in resource and environmental
economics that seem most appropriate for policy analysis in respect of the
4. An assessment of how well the actual/proposed policy matches theory,
and what other considerations/complications might need to be considered
deciding on a policy solution
The notion of sustainability is used differently in economics than in the
natural sciences. Explain the meaning of sustainability in these two
frameworks, and discuss the attempts that have been made by economists
to make the concept operational, paying particular attention to the concepts
of substitution and weak and strong sustainability. Base your evaluation on
the sustainability policy of a particular jurisdiction (e.g. UK or Western

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