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Topic: School Counseling/Statistics
Paper details:
Respond to the following (2) assignments listed below:
#1.(one page)
Your first year as a school counselor at a elementary. You received a note from a teacher (Mrs.Jones) requesting for a conference with you(the counselor). She indicated her concerns about the student (Thomas), a student in her class who is currently repeating the fourth grade.
You have agreed to meet with the teacher the next day. She expresses her concerns regarding the student performance and personal circumstances. She stated that the first day of school the student was highly motivated and was determined to be promoted to the fifth grade. Since then her performance has drastically changed. She rarely completes assignments, poor attendance, and fall asleep in class. There are several attempts made to the parent for a conference but the mother cancelled the appointments. Other teachers have stated the same problems from the student and problems at home. The father has left the home and the mother is struggling to provide for her family of four. At least one of the other children, David, a sixth grader, is experiencing trouble in school.
*As the school counselor what would you do?
*What would you say to the teacher?
*What exactly would you say to the student?
*What recommendations would you make to the parent, student and teacher?
#2(one page)
The statistics below shows a gap in high school and post graduate completion based on minority and non-minority status.
Florida Graduation Rate 2013-2014
Prepare a speech responding to this data. In other words, what does this data mean to you as a future counselor? Support your answer with research. Choose a topic for this research.Will be evaluated on topic, delivery and overall impression.

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