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science and research

response one – pope

Community based research can be very beneficial because it can educate the population and community about the things that are affecting members within their own communities. For example lead based pain is very prevalent in Baltimore city due to the age of homes, and building awareness around the topic can decrease the number of people affected by this illness. This is something people should think about with the cognitive development of their children. Many people may not be aware of the affects of lead based paint and by creating community based research people are able to see how this can affect their children and make changes to decrease the risk.

Many people in Baltimore know about lead base paint because they know someone that has benefited from getting a check after the damage has been done but if we had examined this previously, maybe we would have decreased the amount of damage that has been caused.

“The presence of lead paint significantly impairs cognitive and behavioral development, yet little is known about the value to households of avoiding this residence-specific environmental health risk.” (Billings, 2017)

response two – Smith

CBPR and PCOR are essential to evaluate how patients can have better access to primary care and also how interventions can be applied in the healthcare setting. Common health problems such as diabetes, asthma and obesity can be addressed more appropriately with vulnerable populations. The differences in care can be reduced dramatically because data from research can shine a light on the many issues in the way care is provided, helping to enhance the care providing experience and help to implement new and specific interventions. The downfall to this however, is that results from these studies may not be a applicable to a community as a whole. Not all populations are equal in the way they respond to treatment. Age, race and gender cannot be combined into one group when evaluating results. 



My name is George Shpak and I’m currently working on my second degree in Information of Technology here at ASU. I already have my bachelors degree in Finance from the University of Arizona. I’m ready for the rivalry jokes. I work as a financial advisor for USAA in the Phoenix area. Sports has played a huge part in my life. Sports is the reason why I’m alive today. I was diagnosed with diabetes at 16, and I used to be 260 pounds. After that moment, I got into wrestling and I happened to lose 65 pounds in a year. Right now I train Jiu Jitsu on a daily basis, and its the reason why I’m no longer insulin dependent. I was also born in Cleveland, Ohio and I’m a big fan of all Cleveland sports teams.

Jack Johnson was a world champion boxer who was accused of a crime under the Jim Crow Laws. He was treated unfairly by a all white judge committee. Jack Johnson was treated wrong like many successful black athletes were in the early/mid 20th century just like Mohammad Ali.

I think Donald Trumps decision to pardon Jack Johnson is to repair his relationship that he has with the black community, and other athletes. Its no secret now that Trump doesn’t have the best relationship with professional athletes. Almost all sports teams that won the championship has declined the invitation to the white house. This pardon also came weeks after he called professional football players sons of ______ which caused a league wide boycott of the national anthem in week 3 of last season. I think the pardon has to do with Trump trying to salvage his relationship with black athletes rather the history behind it. 


Hello, my name is Andrew and I am an Industrial Engineering major at the Tempe campus. Sports has played a huge role in my life, as I was a figure skater for 15 years. Skating has played a big part of who I am today, teaching me patience, perseverance, team work, and self-discipline.

Jack Johnson’s guilty conviction by an all white jury was unjust, as he was not on trial with “a jury of one’s own peers”. His high ranking in the boxing world put his name atop more than just the list of top boxers. As an African American leading a sport in America, he also made his name known and became to be hated by the racist population of America. It truly reflects on the dark and intolerant time in American history for African Americans. Trump’s pardon of Johnson this year can be seen as an apology to him and his family name for the unfair conviction he was subjected to in 1913. I found it interesting that Zirin made a comment about how the “latest” minority in America can be seen through the sport of boxing. I also had learned that in a sociology class taken a couple years ago.

While Trump’s pardon of Johnson was a good deed done to a situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, some would believe it is just a publicity stunt to attract more approval from the African American community. Trump pardoned a deceased, wrongly convicted athlete. But he continually either takes back invites or doesn’t even invite championship teams that speak out against his actions and words while in office. This shows that sports does have an impact in our political world, as role models idolized by young followers of the sport, see their favorites stand up against a political figure who is not working towards a peaceful country. This can inspire many people, not just kids idolizing their sports heroes, to stand up for what they believe in and help make the country and world a more accepting and inviting place to live.

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