Segmentation and Target Market Paper –

Segmentation and Target Market Paper
Select a company and one of its leading products or services. Do not select a product line, an entire brand, or an entire store, such as Walmart.
Discuss the market segmentation typically used within the industry of which the product or service is a member. Discuss the market segmentation process that the marketing managers used to select one or more target markets for the product or service you chose to cover. Then, describe the target market, which may or may not be who actually buys the product now). Be sure to cover all three of these elements of the assignment.
Do not report research done by another company that was not part of the segmentation research conducted by the company that offers the product or service you chose. Do not report who now buys the product as substitute for the research process used to help segment the market. Do not select a product or service that, for all intents and purposes, wants everyone as its customer!
Imperative: If you cannot find the segmentation process information, move on to a different product or service.
Required Elements:
-Paper should be 1800 to 2100 words and use at least six solid sources of information. Do not rely on just the company’s or product’s Web site.
– Include demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral characteristics for the selected company’s product and the industry as a whole. If you select a business-to-business product or service, realize that some of these characteristics need to be modified somewhat since you are not marketing to consumers in the general public. If you selected a product for which you cannot find this information, change the brand/product! Your success will depend on the search terms you use to get started.
-Develop (not copy an existing) a new positioning statement for the company with careful consideration of its brand and strategy
-Explain what the segmentation process is, how it is often conducted, what a positioning statement is and what should be included in it.
-Make sure paper is consistent with APA guidelines.

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