Select one short story from Module Three and analyze how the author constructs the work of fiction to represent a specific aspect of human culture or human relationships. Develop a thesis of your own that 1) illuminates how the short story represents a specific yet significant aspect of human culture or human relationships (for example, family dynamics, cultural values or social conditions) and 2) explains how the author’s choices in style, language, dialogue, symbolism or other literary elements work to shape that particular representation. Incorporate at least two quotations from the short story to support your thesis. Required length: 500 – 700 words. John Milton Oskison, “The Problem with Old Harjo” Jack London, “South of the Slot” Stephen Crane, “The Open Boat” Katherine Mansfield, “The Garden Party” Virginia Woolf, “Kew Gardens” James Joyce, “Araby” Alice Walker, “Everyday Use” (This story is copyrighted, but is available in many anthologies of Southern and African American writers. Please search your local library for this story.)

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