Select a hip-hop artist of your choice, as well as, a song by the artist. This assignment is worth 35 points and should be 2-3 pages typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and the in-text citations, as well as, references should be documented in APA format. This assignment should include a brief background of the artist chosen and any pertinent information that may contribute to the understanding of the lyrical content of the song selected. In addition, it is recommended that the song be translated either line by line or verse by verse depending on which is most appropriate for explaining its content. This assignment is worth 35 points. Students will be graded on the substance of background information provided, as well as, the accuracy and translation of lyrical content. The lyrical content analysis must include the thesis/main idea of the song and evidence in the lyrics that supports the main idea of the song. The organization, development, and grammar in the essay will also be graded. the song is still by dr dre and the artist is dr dre

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