senior capstone rubric just work part policies and procedures and sales pitch

This is Senior Capstone Project, but you just finish part ” Policies and Procedures” and “Sales Pitch”. Please follow my outline to finish the work. The restaurant to be opened have been identified. The outline in file. And requirements for this project are also in the file. Please read these two files carefully before you start your work.

Write at least full 3 pages.

Policies and Procedures = 25 points

________ Policies Component-Administrative activities are rooted in sound organizational policy. A policy is a formal rule or regulation that governs the operation of an organization. Clearly articulate specific policies for three areas within your organization. Do not focus on “rules based” policies that do not have an accompanying procedural component. Procedures Component-Procedures are the “how to” accomplish or uphold the policy. Clearly articulate specific procedures to the policies above.

Sales Pitch = 25 points

________ Please provide a detailed justification for why investors/advisors/trustees should

support your endeavor. This is your opportunity to express the value/importance of your

endeavor and to convince the individuals to support/invest in this opportunity. In addition, your sales pitch should be very clear as to the projected financial rewards the investors should expect to receive over a specific time frame.

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