Sensemaking –

• Application: Sensemaking
Have you ever heard of the term sensemaking? You probably regularly engage in sensemaking to understand ambiguous situations, whether you know it or not. Sensemaking is part of cognitive adeptness and a function of the perceptual process. It is the process by which people receive stimuli (information), organize it, and interpret it. Interpretation includes giving meaning to and making sense of information. It is important to note that there is not just one way in which to receive, organize, and interpret complex information. Leaders might engage in various types of sensemaking depending on the situation.
To prepare for this assignment:
• Review the article “Organizing and the Process of Sense Making.” Consider how sensemaking enables leaders to give meaning to ambiguities within organizations.
• Review the article “The Social Processes of Organizational Sensemaking.” Pay particular attention to various types of sensemaking and situations for which each is appropriate.
• Review the course media “Leadership Competency: Cognitive Adeptness,” with Dr. Thomas and Russ Bredholt. Think about cognitive skills leaders might use in the sensemaking process.
• Identify an organization for which you work or have worked. Select one type of sensemaking you might use to help you assign meaning to ambiguous situations.
• Consider cognitive skills that might be useful in the type of sensemaking you selected.
The assignment: (1-2 pages)
• Briefly describe an organization for which you work or have worked.
• Describe the type of sensemaking you might use as a leader in the organization and explain why.
• Describe two cognitive skills that might be particularly useful in the type of sensemaking you described and explain why.
I’ve worked at a Juvenile Justice Facility……. I took a leadership position at a juvenile center where I worked as a Program Coordinator. As a Program Coordinator, I was mandated with the following functions; ensuring the implementation of different policies, tracking down and recording the overall department expenditure, recruiting new staff at the department depending on the demand. Finally, I had the chance to set long-term goals and the overall implementation process for the department and the organization in general.

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