serial killer 4

This paper consists of 5 questions in total.

Please answer each questions within the following movies: M- 1931// Psycho- 1960// Silence of the Lambs- 1911// My friend Dahmer- 2017// Extremely wicked, shocking Evil, and vile- 2019// America psycho- 2000// Unnatural& Accidental- 2006// Hot Fuzz// Sweeney Todd.

Question 1: Compare and contrast 2 of the serial killers from the above films that share a Holmes Typology. How does profiling answer some questions while leaving others unanswered?

Question 2: The above films do their work in different ways: 1) films that focus on the killer vs films that focus on the victims; 2) films that are primarily fictional (although possibly loosely based on a real person) vs films that are clearly directly based on true stories; 3) films that deploy different genres (drama, thriller, satire/parody, musical). Choose one of these comparisons (1, 2, OR 3) and compare 2 of the films from above. Explore the ways these distinctions can be used to offer new insights into serial killers and our own culture as spectators.

Question 3: Music is used very different in Psycho, M, and Sweeny Todd. Pick two and discuss the different ways musical design contributes to storytelling. Do not just summarize but offer analysis to the effect it hopes to create in audiences.

Question 4: Several of the readings from below have considered ways that serial killer narratives function as metaphors for commodification or as ways to express particular sociopolitical anxieties. Select 2 films from the quarter and describe the work they do in this regard, putting those film in conversation with at least 2 of the readings.

Question 5: Using Unnatural and Accidental as well as 1 other film, discuss the changes that occur during the adaptation from source material to film script. Why do these changes occur? (Excellent answers for this question will push past practical concerns [e.g. time limit, budget, etc] and will instead focus on thematic issues.)

Each question must consists of 360 words and no more than 400.

Assume the readers have watched the same movies, therefore no background information of the movie is needed but to jump straight to answering the question.

Work Citation must be done fully and accurately below each of the question answered.
All sentences must be paraphrased, easy to read and clear.
Essay must be done on the originality of thoughts!! NO plagiarism is allowed.

Please support the answers with revelent scenes from the movie.

Please answer the questions carefully. Great work would receive high percentage of tips in reward and as appreciation.

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